You love photography, the fun of capturing a session, even editing.  But what happens after that?   What does it take to run a successful, client serving photography business?

Don't worry, you're not alone.  My mentor sessions are designed to help you in the part of business you want to learn the most about.  

Whether it's a 2 hour consult where we can talk about all things biz or joining me for a full wedding day to see how I manage the unknowns, we can help your business grow.

I'm kasey kathleen, a midwest wedding + portrait photographer

Welcome friend!

Let's talk.
We'll schedule a 30 minute call for you to ask me Anything about photography or the business.


1 on 1 mentor calls

join me on a session type of your choosing.  I'll explain my process, settings and answer your questions.


session shadowing

join me as an assistant for a full wedding day.  You can ask me questions about settings, my process and more as you watch a full wedding day unfold. 

 We will then schedule a 30 minute call after the wedding to answer questions that you may have.


wedding shadowing

Join me as a second shooter for a full wedding day.

capture images for your portfolio during specific portions of the day

30 pre-event call

30 minute post event image review


second shooter experience

2 - 60 minute calls

1 - session shadowing

1 - Wedding shadowing

1 - wedding second shooter experience + image review call

or 3 payments of $400

full mentorship program

I get it.  When I started my business in 2016 I had no idea what I was up against.  A saturated market, not much of a portfolio to share and a photography community that didn't feel overly welcoming.  

Through trial and error, LOTS of eduction and the will to succeed I went from working a full time job + working my biz to a full time, successful photographer.  

It's time to chase your dream too!

- Struggling to fill your calendar?

- Having a hard time keeping up with editing?

- Looking to break into the wedding industry?

- Wanting a more "hands on" approach to learning?

- Working non-stop and feel like you're not getting ahead?

what are you struggling with?

where to start...

Nothing is more important then being your authentic self

Helping other photographers

4. My biggest dream is:

Being honest...winter.  Then fall.

3. my favorite season of the year:

Weddings, Couples + HS Seniors

2. my FAVORITE thing to capture

Olympus Camera + kit lenses

1. first camera

8. My hidden talent is:

DIY projects + styling hair for sessions

To be me.  Both in my work and life

7. biggest thing I've learned

I've captured 65+ weddings in the last 4 years

6. how many weddings have you captured?

Colorado Please!

5. My dream destination wedding to capture

as a photographer

who am i

Ready to "up" your business?

northeast wi, wisconsin + traveling