My Gear?  I shoot with dual Canon 5d Mark iii camera bodies to make sure I'm always prepared.  My favorite lens is a Sigma 50mm 1.4 and I also travel with a few others to make sure we capture your memories.  Memory cards?  I collect those bad boys like potato chips.  Camera bag?  I'm a huge fan of my Kamrette bag and you'll almost always find it along for our journey! 

I adore color, laughter and joy.  Photography is an investment in your memories.  My style matches my too is colorful, fun and timeless.  I believe in chasing sunsets + the light.  While I do use a flash set up at wedding receptions and when needed in the studio, I prefer natural light.  I have a full studio located in the heart of downtown Manitowoc that offers a clean look with beautiful hardwood floors + white walls.  After all, your session is about you.

photographer am I?

what type of

I believe that life is too short to be serious all of the time.  I love spending time laughing with friends and adventuring when I can.  That's why I also believe that photography sessions should be fun! 

life's too short...

I'm a taco lover....well basically any kind of mexican food.  It's my jam!  Wanna meet up to discuss your event + have a margarita & tacos?  I'm 100% your girl!

yes please!

I'm the proud mama to our son Derek.  He keeps me and my handsome hubby Brent on our toes every single day.  Brent and I met when we were 16 and the rest is history.  This past October we celebrated 10 years of marriage....did I mention I believe in marriage?

family is always first

horses?  yes please!  I've owned, shown and trained horses for over 20 years (boy I sound old lol) I currently own 2 ol' boys.  Siesta who has been a part of my life for the same 20 years and Todd who joined our family about 2 years ago.

horse lover at heart


My journey to becoming a Fine Art Wedding photographer isn't unlike most. As a child my mother gifted me with my first film camera. I went outside our country home in rural Wisconsin and burned up that first roll within five minutes time. Luckily mom had given me two rolls, but that too was gone in a flash. A country grown girl, my main subjects growing up were my animals. I'd go around during the summer taking pictures of my horses, bunnies & dogs, gluing the pictures on cardboard to take them into my local county fair. Earning a blue ribbon was easy, peasy when it involved photography. As time went on I continued to enjoy photography as my hobby, capturing friends at horse shows, family and other locations as I traveled.

 In the summer of 2016 I decided to take a leap of faith and chase my dreams of becoming a professional photographer. I never stop learning, improving and looking for new ways to be the best photographer possible. 

why I decided to chase my dream...



havin' fun


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