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As the dj begins to pack up their gear and the venue starts cleaning; you’re left with only a few things from your wedding day…one of those things is your photographs. Over the past four years I have captured over 50 beautiful love stories. Each time that I step into a new wedding venue I take a moment to realize how special the day is going to be.

On average my couples spend about a year planning this amazing day. From the stunning wedding dress to the table decor, everything has been so perfectly planned. When you think about how many hours go into all of these details, it becomes even more important to choose the right photographer for you. Below are a few things to keep in mind as you begin your search for the person that you will see most on your wedding day. Yep, even more then your new spouse ;-).

  1. Make sure that you’ve looked through a LOT of the photographer’s work. Have you seen their work in comparable venues to yours. See if the photographer has worked with your size wedding party before. Are they prepared for anything you + your wedding party can throw at them? (I’ve had some strange things thrown at me on wedding days lol)
  2. What type of gear do they use. No, this isn’t so much about brand but preparedness. What happens if their camera fails? Do they have another? Personally I only shoot on cameras that write all of my files to two memory cards…after all this is a day that cannot be redone.
  3. Is the photographer you’re looking to book in your budget? Have you talked about your budget with your fiance? Each photographer sets their own pricing based on a few things. Experience, expenses to run a legal business, the cost of the gear and some other fun behind the scene things.
  4. Will they be alone that day? Personally I almost always try to have an assistant with me if a second photographer isn’t a part of your wedding collection. Having an extra pair of hands to do things like carry gear, organize family and keep us all on time is very helpful.
  5. Do you like the photographer’s personality? This one is BIG! I’m a fun loving + sarcastic person so my couples have to love laughing. I mean, your wedding day is a celebration so having fun is a MUST!
  6. Will you meet your photographer before the big day? This one is almost always a MUST for me, unless of course we don’t live near each other. But hey, that’s what video calls are for. I LOVE meeting my couples before the big day, and if we can capture an engagement session that is even better! Your engagement session is the perfect time to learn how you will interact with each other on the big day! If you’re not having an engagement session, no worries at all. We can set up a coffee date too!

These are just a few things that I feel are very important as you book your wedding photographer. I learn something from every wedding and the most common thing I see is that planning + finding the right person is key. Most of this can relate to a videographer too…which I highly suggest booking as well!

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