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May 16, 2019

Why an engagement session is a must…

If you’re reading this….CONGRATULATIONS because you’re either newly engaged or closing in on your wedding day and wondering whether an engagement session is worth doing.  The answer is YES!  I feel so passionate about each of my couples having an engagement session, that I now include them complimentary with most all of my wedding photography packages.  Below are the top 3 reasons that an engagement session is a need during your path to “I do”.


ONE: Number 1, and probably the most important to me….we learn to work together.  As your photographer I will be guiding you through different poses and instructions during your wedding day.  When we capture your engagement session, this gives you the opportunity to become comfortable with the poses and more.  After your engagement session you will feel more relaxed and even excited for the formal portraits on your wedding day.

TWO: It gives you and your fiance special time together.  Wedding planning can be a very busy time and setting aside an evening to really be present with each other is so needed.  This is the person you are marrying on that special day.  During our time together I will walk you through different things that will have you laughing, bonding and enjoying this time together as something you will never forget.

THREE: Because as amazing as your wedding day will be, this time in your life is special as well.  It’s a time of excitement, wonder, hopes and dreams.  The two of you have decided to spend the rest of your lives together, let’s capture that commitment and love!


Seeing you laughing and embracing your fiance during the engagement sessions is so special to me.  It allows me a glimpse into your relationship, how you interact together and what will make you the most comfortable on your wedding day.  At the end of our official time together, I want you to be a friend.  People, relationships, memories and emotions….those are the things that matter.


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